Today we would like to tell you about one very interesting mod, which is presented as an AMXX plug-in, namely this plug-in 2×2 Mode – blocking passages for CS 1.6. The essence of the plugin is that when there is a certain number of players on the server, the passages will be blocked. That is, if, for example, there are 8 people on the server, then the passages will be automatically blocked due to the fact that there are few players. Passages will be blocked by special walls with a corresponding inscription. In addition, I would like to say that when a player approaches a blocked wall, he will automatically receive a message in the chat that the passage is blocked.

Also, this plugin has a huge functionality, thanks to which you can customize every little thing to the ideal. Plugin authors have already made blocking of passes on popular maps such as De_Dust2, De_Nuke and so on. That is, you do not have to bother with the installation of blocking walls. There are many similar plugins on the Internet that are sold for money, but now, on our site, this plugin is presented absolutely free.

/ box – open the blocking walls management menu. This command is only available to administrators with the ADMIN_RCON flag.
/ change – urgently change the 2×2 mode (opening / closing blocking walls). This command is only available to administrators with the ADMIN_VOTE flag.
/ mode – create a vote for opening / closing blocking walls on the map.

For this plugin to work correctly, you need to update or change the file called

Author: s1lent.
Version: 1.9.

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