– AMX Mod X 1.8- Metamod 1:19- Booster 2.4- HLGuard 1.8- 2.5 PodbotSome plugins:
– SpecList – (Show who is watching you)
– HS Slowmotion – (HeadShot in slow motion)
– BackWeapons – (Primary Weapon appears in the back)
– Advanced Tracers – (Shows traces of shot)
– AMX Gore Ultimate – ( Who dies explodes)
– High Ping Kicker – (Kika who have high ping)
– Anti-AFK – (Kika aways)More than 20 plugins.

CSDM – respawn Deathamatch Tutorial
, unzipp it anywhere on disk and open the resulted folder which is addons. Open amxmodx where you have five subfolders. Copy the content of every subfolder into the folders with the same name in HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx (the files from configs go to configs, from plugins to plugins and so on). If the server is started, restart it. 

If the installation is successful, you will have some commands for admin that will help you:
csdm_enable – starts the deathmatch mode 
csdm_disable -stops the mode
csdm_reload – reloads the mode’s configurations
csdm_menu – show the menu on screen
edit_spawns – opens the respawn menu to add and erase spaws (on the newer maps you have to add spaws, otherwise all the “coming back to life” will occur in the base and not on the entire surface of the map)
Guns, /guns, menu, enablemenu, enable_menu – if you give one of these commands the weapon menu reappears. 
Gun Game Addons
Gun Game Tutorial
Another mode for AMX ModX!
In this mode, less sience-fiction than the others, you use all the weapons from counter strike, one at a time. You start with the guns, first ime glock. If you make frags you advance at usp and so on, then the shotguns. By gathering frags you advance to the superior levels where you get better guns. You cannot buy anything!!! 

1. After unzipping you will have two folders: addons and sound. Open addons\amxmodx and you will have five subfolders. Copy every subfolder’s content in the folders with the same name from HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx. Attention! Only the content of the foder, and not the folder entirly! The data folder – open it and you will hae a lang folder. Open it and you will have a text file gungame that you should copy into data\lang. 

2. Make sure you have installed AMX ModX plus the CStrike mode. In order to see if the cstrike mode is active, enter the amx_modules console and see if it is there. 
3. Go to HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\modules.ini and erase the dot and coma in front of the line fakemeta, then add the next line under the others (if it is not already there): csrespawn. 
4. Enter the HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\plugins.ini, where you add under the other, the line: gungame.amxx .
5. Copy he sound folder that you have unzipped in the HLDS\cstrike\sound . 

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