Version: 1.2
Author: Numb

.: Description :.

This plugin adds a trail after the grenade.
Each type of grenade has an unique color what can be changed by cvar.
Unlike other grenade trail plugins, this one has two major differences.

Is that trails are actually made out of arrows what show direction in what grenade is moving (so now if you came out of corner and see a trail, you can instantly tell where to expect grenade to be).

The most important one is that by default only team mates can see trails of your thrown grenades (this gives you and your team mates advantage from misunderstandings, no more guessing did any of those 10 noobs behind you thrown flashes or what but when it comes to enemy grenades, you still must spot the model of the grenade to see and identify grenade type).

.: Cvars :.
amx_grentrail_status <0|1|2|3> (default: 1)
0 – disable the plugin
1 – enabled, only the team can see the trail
2 – enabled, team and everyone who is dead can see the trail
3 – enabled, all players can see the trail
amx_grentrail_color_he “255063000” – color value in RGB format for the HE nades
amx_grentrail_color_fb “000255255” – color value in RGB format for the Flashbang nades
amx_grentrail_color_sg “031255127” – color value in RGB format for the Smoke nades

.: Requirements :.
AMX Mod 2006.3 or higher.

Compatible mods: Counter-Strike, Condition Zero.

.: Instruction :.

  • granade_trail.amxx Sent to—-> Addons/amxmodx/plugins
  • granade_trail.amxx Paste to ——> Addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini

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