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Plugin Required: Team Score And Round HUD
Description (ie what exactly he does): A hud should appear at the top in which he will count the team’s score and how many rounds are played.
Server is running (HLDS / ReHLDS): ReHLDS
AMX Mode X version: 1.8.2

At the moment I have a plugin … cs_competitive, which changes the teams after 15 rounds and changes the map after 30 rounds, only the hud is no longer functional, meaning it no longer appears.
I know that there are a multitude of such plugins but none to my liking, even some after changing the team reset their score what I do not want.

I would like you to solve this hud for me if possible, or replace it.

.: Instruction :.

  • nice_team_score.amxx Sent to—-> Addons/amxmodx/plugins
  • nice_team_score.amxx Paste to ——> Addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini

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