After 1 month without Internet I came back with some weapons of Trasendence, some weapons Master and 3 weapons Edition CSOWC With the Tiger tattoo along with its GFX, Sounds, Sprites and Models P and W

Note: Do not have the model Original of the Skull-5 CSOWC, so edit the textures based on the GFX file (Adobe PhotoShop CS6 is the program I use if someone asks)

Note 2: Only Trasendence weapons have the effect of brightness

In the file will see that there is a folder with the models W and P (P and W in case of error) Counter Strike original, this is if some p/w model gives you an error when playing / entering the Counter Strike like this

Bad Consistence File For P/W_ak47.mdl

If get you this error only enters the folder “P and W in case of error” copy the modelp/w of the AK47 and paste it into the folder “models” of our counter Strike and it should fix the error

I am using a translator for this, which does not surprise you if they see something this badly translated

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